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Monday, November 9, 2015

What are little boys made of? / Tough Guise 2

What Are Little Boys Made Of?
Michael Kimmel
1.) "To hear these critics tell it, we're no longer allowing boys to be boys. We've misunderstood boy biology, and cultural meddling-especially by misinformed women-won't change a thing. It's nature, not nurture, that propels boys towards obnoxious behavior, violence, and sadistic experiments on insects. What makes boys boys is, in a word, testosterone, that magical, catch-all hormone that drives them towards aggression and risk-taking, and challenging this fact gives them the message, Gurian says, that "boyhood is defective."
This quote talks about how they are saying that testosterone is what make boys. That they act in a aggressive way and they take risks because of all there hormones. 
2.) "Lets face facts: men and boys are responsible for 85 percent of all violent crimes in this country, and their victims are overwhelmingly male as well. From an early age, boys learn that violence is not only an acceptable for of conflict resolution, but one that is admired. Four times more teenage boys than teenage girl think fighting is appropriate when someone cuts into the front of a line. Half of all teenage boys get into a physical fight each year."
This quote talks about how men and boys are responsible for almost all of the violence happening in the world. They are more likely to start an argument and be violent for little things that's women or girls would not be violent to.
3.) "Feminists imagine, an demand, that men (and boys) can do better, Feminism offers the possibility of a new boyhood and a new masculinity based on a passion for justice, a love of equality, and the expression of a full range of feelings."
This quotes explains how feminists want to basically change men and change the way they think. They want to create peace and more love not violence.
Tough Guise 2
Violence, Manhood & American Culture
1.) Violence: Men and boys use violence and toughness to be known as someone who is a man and not "gay" which people use it towards men to mean weak. Men and boys use a lot of physical violence and this all comes from how they are raised. The video games they play, friends, parents, what they see around them, the bullying in school if your not tough. Men's attitudes come from somewhere and is everything that they see and learn. Most of the violence around the world are caused by men towards men.
2.) Manhood: Watching the movie I found that most children (boys) are forced or shown to be a man instead of a child. Boys learn from family members, friends, etc. to be men, to be tough, to not show emotion, to be basically  heartless. I see this as something that is wrong in this world a child should be able to express themselves how ever they want to but over the years things have been getting worse. The way manhood is shown over the years is getting to the point were children are growing to be violent men.
3.) American culture: Everyone in this world is different. Everyone has their own culture and different lifestyles. But in America everyone is mixed together and learn the same specially men and boys. They can have their own lifestyle but when they learn from other culture not everything learned is good. There are a large number amount of white people who try very hard to act black that way they can fit into the so called "tough" image they seem to see in black men. Spanish men have their gangs which brings out toughness as well. Most men don't see Chinese men as tough men but Chinese men are also trying to act black in other to have that tough exterior or to fit in.
Why do you guys think men have to have this tough exterior in order to be considered a "man"?


  1. I think that our image of men and boys need to be altered. They are feminine just like women are in the sense of emotion. I can tell when my father is upset. It is not like my father and other men do not have the capability to be sad. We as a whole need to be accepting of men crying. It is a natural thing that we all do, even if we do not want to admit to it.

  2. I think it is because men are taught to be afraid of their emotions. I think things are starting to change, there are a lot more men, including myself, who are able to be vulnerable with their emotions, gentle and caring without putting up a tough mask.