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Monday, November 9, 2015

What are little boys made of? / Tough Guise 2

What Are Little Boys Made Of?
Michael Kimmel
1.) "To hear these critics tell it, we're no longer allowing boys to be boys. We've misunderstood boy biology, and cultural meddling-especially by misinformed women-won't change a thing. It's nature, not nurture, that propels boys towards obnoxious behavior, violence, and sadistic experiments on insects. What makes boys boys is, in a word, testosterone, that magical, catch-all hormone that drives them towards aggression and risk-taking, and challenging this fact gives them the message, Gurian says, that "boyhood is defective."
This quote talks about how they are saying that testosterone is what make boys. That they act in a aggressive way and they take risks because of all there hormones. 
2.) "Lets face facts: men and boys are responsible for 85 percent of all violent crimes in this country, and their victims are overwhelmingly male as well. From an early age, boys learn that violence is not only an acceptable for of conflict resolution, but one that is admired. Four times more teenage boys than teenage girl think fighting is appropriate when someone cuts into the front of a line. Half of all teenage boys get into a physical fight each year."
This quote talks about how men and boys are responsible for almost all of the violence happening in the world. They are more likely to start an argument and be violent for little things that's women or girls would not be violent to.
3.) "Feminists imagine, an demand, that men (and boys) can do better, Feminism offers the possibility of a new boyhood and a new masculinity based on a passion for justice, a love of equality, and the expression of a full range of feelings."
This quotes explains how feminists want to basically change men and change the way they think. They want to create peace and more love not violence.
Tough Guise 2
Violence, Manhood & American Culture
1.) Violence: Men and boys use violence and toughness to be known as someone who is a man and not "gay" which people use it towards men to mean weak. Men and boys use a lot of physical violence and this all comes from how they are raised. The video games they play, friends, parents, what they see around them, the bullying in school if your not tough. Men's attitudes come from somewhere and is everything that they see and learn. Most of the violence around the world are caused by men towards men.
2.) Manhood: Watching the movie I found that most children (boys) are forced or shown to be a man instead of a child. Boys learn from family members, friends, etc. to be men, to be tough, to not show emotion, to be basically  heartless. I see this as something that is wrong in this world a child should be able to express themselves how ever they want to but over the years things have been getting worse. The way manhood is shown over the years is getting to the point were children are growing to be violent men.
3.) American culture: Everyone in this world is different. Everyone has their own culture and different lifestyles. But in America everyone is mixed together and learn the same specially men and boys. They can have their own lifestyle but when they learn from other culture not everything learned is good. There are a large number amount of white people who try very hard to act black that way they can fit into the so called "tough" image they seem to see in black men. Spanish men have their gangs which brings out toughness as well. Most men don't see Chinese men as tough men but Chinese men are also trying to act black in other to have that tough exterior or to fit in.
Why do you guys think men have to have this tough exterior in order to be considered a "man"?

Saturday, October 17, 2015

"Something About the Subject Makes it Hard to Name," Yamato

"Something About the Subject Makes it Hard to Name"
"The ambivalence from the clash voices results in mental and emotional states of perplexity. Internal strife results in insecurity and decisiveness. The mestiza's dual or multiple  personality is plagued by psychic restlessness."
This quote is about the ways and how often we as Hispanic americans or mestizos are harass by the whites (anglos) and Mexican americans because mestizos are in between both cultures. This relates to the text because it explains the way lations born in the U.S feel.
"Around Latinos he suffers from a sense of language inadequacy and its accompanying discomfort; with; Native Americans he suffers from a racial amnesia which ignores our common blood, and from guilt because the Spanish part of him took their land and oppressed them."
This quote is about how we all have to join forces as women no matter what racial or economic status to make a change concerning the machismo among Mexican- Indians and any other race of women in the world. This relates to the text because in the text it talks about how women everywhere have to join forces to fight the oppression by men,
"It is imperative that mestizas support each other in changing the sexis elements in the Mexican-Indian culture."
This quote brings up some of the struggles and how much shame people bring on them selves.  People of the same race, the same sex gender, treats the homosexuals, lesbians and women in a bad way because of the simple fact that they are different.
I think that this songs goes great with this article. The name of this songs is ,"take me to church," and I feel that this song relates to the article because it tells a story of two guys that get treated in a bad way because of what they believe in, cause they are different, because they are vulnerable, and so are the mestizos, homosexuals, lesbians, and ect.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence (Late Post: My Blogger has been acting up!)

Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence
By: Adrienne Rich
I read this article but I didn't really understand it, it was very confusing to me but after reading everyone's blog I did understand it a little more and this is what I understood:
When I read the article what I understood about "compulsory heterosexuality" was that women are suppose to be straight (heterosexual) and not lesbian. That lesbian to the society is not right. After I read some of the blogs I understood that "compulsory heterosexuality" is that in our society that all of the women has to be heterosexual and not lesbian. I also understood that he thinks women are being forced into heterosexuality.
When I read the article what I understood about "Lesbian Existence" was that people in the world do not see lesbian existence as something positive or good for society. For example the quote below:
"The assumption that "most women are innately heterosexual" stands as a theoretical and political stumbling block for feminism. It remains a tenable assumption partly because lesbian existence has been written out of history or catalogued under disease, partly because it has been treated as exceptional rather than intrinsic, partly because to acknowledge that for women heterosexuality may not be a "preference" at all but something that has had to be imposed, managed, organized, propagandized, and maintained by force is an immense step to take if you consider yourself freely and "innately" heterosexual." pg.89
This explains how society sees lesbian existence as a "disease. Its sad to know that in this world not everyone can be free with there sexuality without being judged by others.
This songs I think is a great song that talks about how a women is going through something difficult and she is now fighting to change her life and ignoring comments from others. I think this song relates to this article because no matter of you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or straight you should fight for what's right and for your freedom.
I think this whole article was very judgmental. I don't agree with may things that Rich said. My question would be why is it that some people are always judging about lesbians, gays, and bisexual if no one is perfect? And who said that being straight is something normal?

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Social Justice Event & Reflection #1

Rights and Wrongs: The Story of Women in Islam

October 7,2015
      This event was about how Islamic women are misunderstood, judged and how they feel women will change the world. Islam women say that they had great rights because they felt equal. They didn't have the choice to choose the husbands they wanted but they did have the choice to choose the clothe. Women didn't have to share their money with men. Women had the rights to own their own property. Women had to be covered and men were able to hit women. In the video it said that in the fake Qur'an it wrote, "Men are in charge of women, because they are superior of women," but in the original Qur'an it says, "Men are protectors of women."
      So basically everything that people say about Islamic women getting maltreated and being unequal is just a judgment from other people. People are interpreting things wrong. Women lived shorter lives and had menstrual cycles early. After a women was capable of having children she was considered marriage worthy. Women got used to their "uniform" scarf on the head which was worn at free will. A lot of Muslim women think is obligated to veil. Women veil sometimes only when they go out to be protected by men and to feel safe. Through the years women's veils was getting shorter because of the other women they see in other places. Wearing a veil is a sociological noise they have to deal with all the time. Today is different because of all the judgment.
     Men in Mecca said Median women were a bad influence. Women in medina were more free than women in Mecca. Women were more assertive than women in Mecca. The women in medina didn't follow the polygyny which was one husband with many wife's and women resisted that in medina.
     In the 6 century Arabs found their self in transition and made mecca their home.
     Muhammad a man who's parents passed away and had no education and married Jadisha was considered the messenger of God. Muhammad had many wife's but not for sex he had old women, middle aged women, divorced women, widowed women, women with children to help them. He did a lot of political marriages to avoid wars. Being a wife of Muhammad was a big deal.
Connection to 2 course text/themes:
     This video I think connected with ,"Generation M," and ,"Opression," because in the video Generation M it talks a lot open how women are judged for everything and how they are not treated fair. In Opression it talks about how women are forced, judged and maltreated. In the Islam video that I saw I seen all of the thing from Generation M and Opression because women from there have a lot of judgment, get forced, and are maltreated. Women from Islam say they have respect and equality but by the video and the information that I received I don't see it that way.
      This video is very interesting to me it talks about What Islam really says about women. It makes you understand a little more about how women are seen in Islam and how all the judgment has be influenced in their life's without being noticed. Also how Islam women are misunderstood.


LATE POST! (Blogger was not working) U.S.A., Land of Limitations? & People Like Us

U.S.A., Land of Limitations?
Nicholas Kristof

           This Article was very interesting it talks about many things. What really cached my attention was the story of his friend who was poor and because he was poor and came from parents who did no good he was considered someone who was going to die poor. He also said that very high percentage of your future most likely determines by where you come from. After going to class it made me understand more that the article was also about the system which was keeping people in their place.

           In the People Like Us website I found it very interesting I did see many things. The stories that I read interested me the most because it talked about judgment, resentment, and about making wrong decisions. I wasn't able to play any of the games but I did see some of the videos. The videos were very informative as well because it helped me understand how people think and how judgment is something that is effecting everyone.

I couldn't see anything in ,, it just sent me to a website and I didn't know what to do after that.

With the article ,"U.S.A., Land of Limitations?," and ,"People Like Us," I feel that economic inequity is a feminist issues because their always going to be judgment everywhere specially about women. Their is always going to be that problem were nothing is going to be fair. But in the Land of Limitations article it did talk about how a poor man was treated in a way were he would not progress but in People Like Us it shows a lot about how with men and women is different life styles. Women do not have the same opportunities of men do.

This video I found it interesting for this topic because in this video it talks about how welfare was created so that black people will stay poor.

With the Land of Limitations article I don't believe that when someone is born poor they will die poor. I have seen many people who were born poor and have gotten very wealthy and have died wealthy. But that's just my opinion what do you guys think about that?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Generation M

Generation M
Thomas Keith
                 This video was about women empowerment, doll wars, idealized beauty, the pink and blue dichotomy, and misogyny and double standards. With women empowerment it talks about how women think that they have a power by sexually attracting men and men tend to think that most women have that power because of the way they look, dress and act. Doll wars was about how young women are targeted with adult messages through dolls and media. Does messages give the young women and women courage to do certain things just to look a specific way that is marketed on dolls and media. Idealized beauty was about how young women and women see all of these famous females who look a certain way that provokes men's attention in a sexual way.
                  This causes young women and women to changed their appearance because it makes them feel uncomfortable about themselves. The pink and blue dichotomy was about how some artists brands and institutions are trying to show young women the preciousness of true beauty by songs about how women are capable of doing different things and showing confidence in themselves without exhibiting themselves in a bad way.  Misogyny and double standards was about how certain rappers decide to make songs talking about a very rude way to talk and to act towards women and disrespecting them. Male rappers rather talk offensively about women instead of offending the black race because is easier to offend women and getting away with it.
This is a video that talks about how women are strong and how they have to do many things and work hard and still do things that men day they cant do. This songs s very powerful it shows how women can be strong.
When I saw this video I do agree with everything that it says. I do agree that the media has a big effect in women and how women try to change themselves physically to look like the women on the media. My question would be why are women on media always represented as skinny and perfect if no women is perfect? Also, why are women no respected as much as men are?