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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Social Justice Event & Reflection #1

Rights and Wrongs: The Story of Women in Islam

October 7,2015
      This event was about how Islamic women are misunderstood, judged and how they feel women will change the world. Islam women say that they had great rights because they felt equal. They didn't have the choice to choose the husbands they wanted but they did have the choice to choose the clothe. Women didn't have to share their money with men. Women had the rights to own their own property. Women had to be covered and men were able to hit women. In the video it said that in the fake Qur'an it wrote, "Men are in charge of women, because they are superior of women," but in the original Qur'an it says, "Men are protectors of women."
      So basically everything that people say about Islamic women getting maltreated and being unequal is just a judgment from other people. People are interpreting things wrong. Women lived shorter lives and had menstrual cycles early. After a women was capable of having children she was considered marriage worthy. Women got used to their "uniform" scarf on the head which was worn at free will. A lot of Muslim women think is obligated to veil. Women veil sometimes only when they go out to be protected by men and to feel safe. Through the years women's veils was getting shorter because of the other women they see in other places. Wearing a veil is a sociological noise they have to deal with all the time. Today is different because of all the judgment.
     Men in Mecca said Median women were a bad influence. Women in medina were more free than women in Mecca. Women were more assertive than women in Mecca. The women in medina didn't follow the polygyny which was one husband with many wife's and women resisted that in medina.
     In the 6 century Arabs found their self in transition and made mecca their home.
     Muhammad a man who's parents passed away and had no education and married Jadisha was considered the messenger of God. Muhammad had many wife's but not for sex he had old women, middle aged women, divorced women, widowed women, women with children to help them. He did a lot of political marriages to avoid wars. Being a wife of Muhammad was a big deal.
Connection to 2 course text/themes:
     This video I think connected with ,"Generation M," and ,"Opression," because in the video Generation M it talks a lot open how women are judged for everything and how they are not treated fair. In Opression it talks about how women are forced, judged and maltreated. In the Islam video that I saw I seen all of the thing from Generation M and Opression because women from there have a lot of judgment, get forced, and are maltreated. Women from Islam say they have respect and equality but by the video and the information that I received I don't see it that way.
      This video is very interesting to me it talks about What Islam really says about women. It makes you understand a little more about how women are seen in Islam and how all the judgment has be influenced in their life's without being noticed. Also how Islam women are misunderstood.


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