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Saturday, October 17, 2015

"Something About the Subject Makes it Hard to Name," Yamato

"Something About the Subject Makes it Hard to Name"
"The ambivalence from the clash voices results in mental and emotional states of perplexity. Internal strife results in insecurity and decisiveness. The mestiza's dual or multiple  personality is plagued by psychic restlessness."
This quote is about the ways and how often we as Hispanic americans or mestizos are harass by the whites (anglos) and Mexican americans because mestizos are in between both cultures. This relates to the text because it explains the way lations born in the U.S feel.
"Around Latinos he suffers from a sense of language inadequacy and its accompanying discomfort; with; Native Americans he suffers from a racial amnesia which ignores our common blood, and from guilt because the Spanish part of him took their land and oppressed them."
This quote is about how we all have to join forces as women no matter what racial or economic status to make a change concerning the machismo among Mexican- Indians and any other race of women in the world. This relates to the text because in the text it talks about how women everywhere have to join forces to fight the oppression by men,
"It is imperative that mestizas support each other in changing the sexis elements in the Mexican-Indian culture."
This quote brings up some of the struggles and how much shame people bring on them selves.  People of the same race, the same sex gender, treats the homosexuals, lesbians and women in a bad way because of the simple fact that they are different.
I think that this songs goes great with this article. The name of this songs is ,"take me to church," and I feel that this song relates to the article because it tells a story of two guys that get treated in a bad way because of what they believe in, cause they are different, because they are vulnerable, and so are the mestizos, homosexuals, lesbians, and ect.

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  1. Hi J. You blogged on the Anzaldua article rather than the Yamato piece, but I just checked and it was because the link was wrong!! We will discuss the Yamato in class, too. But just note that your author here is ANZALDUA.