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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Generation M

Generation M
Thomas Keith
                 This video was about women empowerment, doll wars, idealized beauty, the pink and blue dichotomy, and misogyny and double standards. With women empowerment it talks about how women think that they have a power by sexually attracting men and men tend to think that most women have that power because of the way they look, dress and act. Doll wars was about how young women are targeted with adult messages through dolls and media. Does messages give the young women and women courage to do certain things just to look a specific way that is marketed on dolls and media. Idealized beauty was about how young women and women see all of these famous females who look a certain way that provokes men's attention in a sexual way.
                  This causes young women and women to changed their appearance because it makes them feel uncomfortable about themselves. The pink and blue dichotomy was about how some artists brands and institutions are trying to show young women the preciousness of true beauty by songs about how women are capable of doing different things and showing confidence in themselves without exhibiting themselves in a bad way.  Misogyny and double standards was about how certain rappers decide to make songs talking about a very rude way to talk and to act towards women and disrespecting them. Male rappers rather talk offensively about women instead of offending the black race because is easier to offend women and getting away with it.
This is a video that talks about how women are strong and how they have to do many things and work hard and still do things that men day they cant do. This songs s very powerful it shows how women can be strong.
When I saw this video I do agree with everything that it says. I do agree that the media has a big effect in women and how women try to change themselves physically to look like the women on the media. My question would be why are women on media always represented as skinny and perfect if no women is perfect? Also, why are women no respected as much as men are?

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